Lucie Kaas Bear Family
Lucie Kaas Bear Family - Baby Bear
Lucie Kaas Bear Family - Mama Bear
Lucie Kaas Bear Family - Papa Bear

Lucie Kaas Bear Family

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Made with American walnut, and lighter details on the ears, nose, and tail. With a classic form and high-quality material the Bear is a true design item that can follow its owner throughout a lifetime.

Baby: 4.5h x 2.25w x 2.25"d
Mama: 8h x 3w x 3.75"d
Papa: 9.2h x 4w x 5"d

Material: American Walnut

Care Instructions:

Wood is a living material and overtime the color of wood will change. To minimize uneven discoloring it is recommended to not put wooden animals in contact with direct sunlight and change its place in the home now and then. Wood grain and colour variations are not considered quality failures but natural features of the product.