Feuilles d'Origami Archifold
Feuilles d'Origami Archifold

Feuilles d'Origami Archifold

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ARCHIFOLD is a series of origami sheets whose patterns are based on the grids used by architects and designers in the production of plans and design objects. A diagram for making a small house, as well as the fir trees, is provided in the envelope, but there are many other folding possibilities. All simple or complex origami models can be made with this set. The black and white patterns are different on each front and back, so that each side of the sheet can be used. Be creative, be an architect!

Contents: 32 sheets in total (30 sheets to fold printed on both sides)
Instructions: 1 instructions for making a small house as well as the trees and 1 model diagram
Age: 6 years and over
Material: 80g/m2 paper and cardboard
Presentation: Envelope black cardboard printed by hot stamping on certified paper
Dimensions: 20×20 cm