Seletti Hybrid Decorative Pillow Argia

Seletti Hybrid Decorative Pillow Argia

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These cushions are part of the Hybrid collection designed by the brilliant Ctrlzak studio. All the pieces in this collection have a dual personality… The vintage motifs boldly mix traditional decorative elements inspired by the West on the one hand and the East on the other. The cushions are made up of two parts that are very distinct in terms of their patterns and their ornamentation, like patches glued together. The side dressed in Asian-inspired patterns is adorned with two pompoms. The other side, with old prints from Western culture, is edged with fringes. This visible separation establishes a visible boundary between east and west and paradoxically consolidates their union.

Material: Cover: polyester - Filling: feathers.

Approximate size: 20" x 12"