White and steel watch face with colorful hands inspired by Gestalt psychology, and silicone band. Features an abstract design with lines and curves designed to find meaning in a chaotic world.
Watch Diagram 17
Watch Diagram 17

Watch Diagram 17

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Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944); an influential Russian painter and art theorist who is credited with painting some of the very first purely abstract paintings and Diagram 17 Watch is one.
Drawing 17 and The Drawing 17 Watch has influences stemming from Gestalt psychology. Gestalt tries to understand the laws of our ability to acquire and maintain meaningful perceptions in an apparently chaotic world. Kandinsky examines the effects of forces on straight lines and contrasting tones of curved and angled lines. This coincides with the research of Gestalt psychologists. Geometrical elements take on importance in both his teaching and painting. It utilizes the circle, half-circle, the angle, straight lines and curves.
Kandinsky creation of abstract work comes all within the later part of his career. It reflects on his past artistic experiences. He refers to his devotion to inner beauty as fervor of spirit, and described his spiritual desire to create as an inner necessity.

Japanese Miyota movement

Silicone band 20mm

Stainless steel case 40mm