Limited edition stainless steel corkscrew designed as an eclectic jester from the circus. Designed by Marcel Wanders for Alessi.
Alessi Circus The Jester Corkscrew by Marcel Wanders

Alessi Circus The Jester Corkscrew by Marcel Wanders

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Part of the Circus series by Alessi, Wanders presents 'Gilberto,' an iconic jester who looks surprisingly like Marcel himself.
"Obsessed by opening bottles, wine-drunk joker, Gilberto, expresses himself not only with words by with sounds in general. Always laughing, shouting, jumping, maniacally gesturing, Gilberto does anything to get in the spotlight. Constantly corking up bottles with his spinning dance moves, more than once Gilberto has screwed himself stuck into different random objects. He has never been stuck for very long though, as there are always people around to unscrew him- and the party continues!"
Wanders & Alessi have produced a series of products that represent the major persona of the circus. Each item has a level of industrial design and craftsmanship that places emphasis on the best that Alessi (and a very few manufacturers) can produce.
"The circus is larger than life. The pageantry and astonishment from what you see, hear, and feel never leaves you. That one-of-a-kind magical feeling is now celebrated through this collection."- Marcel Wanders.

Limited to 999 numbered pieces
Approximate size:  6.5" x 2.25" x 7.5"

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