Limited edition stainless steel ringing bell shaped as a ring leader with his monkey chauffeur. Designed by Marcel Wanders for Alessi.

Alessi Circus The Ringleader Bell by Marcel Wanders

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Part of the Circus series by Alessi, Wanders presents 'Massimo,' the circus ringleader who is a functioning bell. Press his head down and see.
"With a never-ending bell sound in his head no one can blame Massimo for being a bit mad. From his high seat he sings out orders with his resonating voice as he is chauffeured around by his hungry little monkey. In Massimo's head he is still the leader. Everyone lets him believe so. In fact he lost that position a long time ago when the bell sound took over his mind. Luckily, Massimo's big belly is the basis of a beautifully strong voice so no one sees a reason to burst his bubble. Massimo can happily keep collecting applauses in front of a full audience."
Wanders & Alessi have produced a series of products that represent the major persona of the circus. Each item has a level of industrial design and craftsmanship that places emphasis on the best that Alessi (and a very few manufacturers) can produce.
"The circus is larger than life. The pageantry and astonishment from what you see, hear, and feel never leaves you. That one-of-a-kind magical feeling is now celebrated through this collection."- Marcel Wanders
Limited to 999 numbered
8.5" x 5" x 6.5"