Decorative Vase MASQ ONAM, Blue Oval Mask
Decorative Vase MASQ ONAM, Blue Oval Mask

Decorative Vase MASQ ONAM, Blue Oval Mask

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The MASQ collection consists of two mirrors; the woman AMAM and the man APAP and two mini vases fit for one flower; the woman RISUS and the man ONAM. The pieces can easily be mistaken as art pieces for the home, but given a closer look, they reveal themselves to be functional objects.

The collection is inspired by pre-historic masques from Columbia but also has links to The Memphis Group – the design and architectural movement founded by Ettore Sottsass in 1980. Together with these two influences, the MASQ collection is the perfect contrast sprinkled on top of Nordic minimalism.

 “When Lucie Kaas asked us to design a mask collection Ana immediately thought about the Pre-Columbian culture before the conquest by Spain in the 16th Century. Some of the inhabitants where specialized in the development of yucca (a delicious vegetable similar to a potato), while others where more specialized in the artisan production of ceramics, gold and other crafts. From this history on we investigated the Pre-Colombian culture and especially their masks,” says Christophe Penasse.

He is originally from Belgium and makes one half of Masquespacio Studio situated in the Spanish city of Valencia. The other half of the design duo is Ana Milena Hernández Palacion who is originally from Columbia.

MASQ, a new collection comprised of two sculptural design objects created in collaboration with the design brand Lucie Kaas. The series is made of two different pieces, RISUS and ONAM, mini-vases conceived for one flower, made of steel and spray-coated MDF, and AMAM and APAP, two mirrors made with glass and beech wood.

Approximate size: 9" x 14"