Designer Fire Extinguisher - Black Cat

Designer Fire Extinguisher - Black Cat

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It's all about good luck for feline fans!  We packed so many good vibes, so much cuteness into Black Cat, just let it sit into your interior and harvest them for years to come. 

Everybody needs a Fire Extinguisher. Why not a beautiful one? Because pretty and immediately accessible beats ugly and out-of-sight.

Design Fire Extinguishers combine Function and Design.  They are made to be exposed, kept readily available and spice up your interior. 

Perfect for housewarming gifts that everyone needs. Each Safe-T extinguisher is built per the strictest CE norms and made with the highest quality materials. Forget the cabinet and place it on your table top for a show stopper. Beat the fire without having to kill style! 

Technical Information

  • Diameter: 3.4 inches, Height: 11 inches
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Steel and Brass
  • Extinguishing agent: 1 KG – 2.2 LB
  • Powder ABC 40 - inert salt
  • Internal pressure at 20 °C: 14 bar (Nitrogen)
  • Minimum and maximum temperatures for use: -20 °C and +60 °C
  • CE 0029 approved tank and EN 3-8 technical standards.
  • Manufactured in Belgium
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SAFE-T follows the Consumer Product Safety Commission safety guidelines.  Most traditional Fire extinguishers are typically UL certified because they bear instructions for use on the bottle. SAFE-T products are more about the design than the function, instructions are at the bottom of the bottle, therefore SAFE-T Fire Extinguishers are not UL certifiedYou should always use a UL certified fire extinguisher when that certification is required.

SAFE-T is an ABC, nitrogen compressed, extinguisher made to tackle the initial stages of a fire.  ABC means: 
A: Ordinary solid combustibles made out of organic materials: wood, paper, textiles, PVC, tires.
B: Flammable liquids and gases: oil, grease, paint, petrol, and varnish.
C: Energized electrical equipment.

The fire extinguishing powder (mono-ammonium phosphate) is a non-flammable, non-toxic inert salt.