Designer Fire Extinguisher - Albert
Designer Fire Extinguisher - Albert

Designer Fire Extinguisher - Albert

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Everybody needs a Fire Extinguisher. Why not a beautiful one? Because pretty and immediately accessible beats ugly and out-of-sight.

Safe-T Design Fire Extinguishers combine Function and Design.  They are made to be exposed, kept readily available and spice up your interior. 

Perfect for housewarming gifts that everyone needs. Each Safe-T extinguisher is built per the strictest CE norms and made with the highest quality materials. Forget the cabinet and place it on your table top for a show stopper. Beat the fire without having to kill style! 

Technical Information

  • Diameter: 3.4 inches, Height: 11 inches
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Steel and Brass
  • Extinguishing agent: 1 KG – 2.2 LB
  • Powder ABC 40 - inert salt
  • Internal pressure at 20 °C: 14 bar (Nitrogen)
  • Minimum and maximum temperatures for use: -20 °C and +60 °C
  • CE 0029 approved tank and EN 3-8 technical standards.
  • Manufactured in Belgium
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SAFE-T follows the Consumer Product Safety Commission safety guidelines.  Most traditional Fire extinguishers are typically UL certified because they bear instructions for use on the bottle. SAFE-T products are more about the design than the function, instructions are at the bottom of the bottle, therefore SAFE-T Fire Extinguishers are not UL certifiedYou should always use a UL certified fire extinguisher when that certification is required.

SAFE-T is an ABC, nitrogen compressed, extinguisher made to tackle the initial stages of a fire.  ABC means: 
A: Ordinary solid combustibles made out of organic materials: wood, paper, textiles, PVC, tires.
B: Flammable liquids and gases: oil, grease, paint, petrol, and varnish.
C: Energized electrical equipment.

The fire extinguishing powder (mono-ammonium phosphate) is a non-flammable, non-toxic inert salt.