Koziol STIXX Room Divider/Partition Anthrazit
Koziol Stixx Room Divider, Partition (Multiple Colors)
Koziol STIXX Room Divider/Partition Clear

Koziol Stixx Room Divider, Partition (Multiple Colors)

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STIXX is a modular partition for creating flexible, airy interior spaces. Produced in cooperation with French designer René Barba, the individual modules feature a diamond-cut look. The designer was intrigued by the seemingly paradoxical qualities of diamonds: pointed and angular on the one hand, smooth and graceful on the other. STIXX melds dynamic energy with enduring elegance – for vibrant, striking accents in any interior setting. The myriad facets on its surface reflect the light, creating a glittering spectacle that is enhanced by the polished surfaces.

Design: Rene Barba, Paris

  • Single Piece
  • each divider ornament is approx. 10.71 x 10.71 inches
  • cut diamond look
  • dazzling appearance thanks to faceted edges
  • hook connectors included
  • for unique room decoration
  • acts as room divider, partition, or wall decoration