Leonardo Da Vinci Dinner Plate

Leonardo Da Vinci Dinner Plate

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“I was in my crib when a kite landed on me and opened my mouth with its tail. It hit me with it on my lips several times. This seems to be my destiny.” In light of this confession by Leonardo da Vinci, it is impossible not to see transcendence in his plans for a flying machine. 

In this collection, some of his works and the way he left his marks on engineering, architecture, sculpture, geometry, anatomy and the recovery of the classical perspective. Despite drawing by hand, rounded up rulers, squares and compasses to confirm the theory of the Golden Ratio in illustration of the Mona Lisa. Here and there, Measurements taken from the Last Supper, or highlight the bronze horse commissioned by the city of Milan, references to the hollow dodecahedron or represent the Vitruvian Man. 

Approximate size: 11"

Made in Portugal.