Rosenthal Cilla Marea Tattoo Canape Dish N.1

Rosenthal Cilla Marea Tattoo Canape Dish N.1

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Inspired by the rugged beauty of the sea and those who brave its waves, Italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda  (The Saint Mariner) and his label The Saint Mariner created a series of stunning designs for Rosenthal in watercolour and ink. The combination of his exceptional, light brush strokes and archaic figures creates a unique aesthetic, merging dream with reality, the figurative with the floral and the graphic with the metaphorical. The gift collection includes four designs that appear on plates, travel mugs, cups and bowls, as well as a limited-edition vase featuring an additional design. The unusual gold titanium coating on the espresso and tea cups lends them an extra special quality.

In his Milan tattoo studio, Pietro Sedda (*1969) marries fine art with body art to produce mysterious hybrids and visionary utopia of beauty and love. He captures humans and animals in his pictures, and frames them with fantasy elements, quotes and clear lines. The resulting works of art travel back and forth like an echo between the familiar, the nostalgic and the futuristic. Pietro Sedda studied scenography at the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan. Alongside his work as a tattoo artist, Sedda also works as a visual artist for design brands such as Fritz Hansen.


Approximate size: 5" x 5"