Rosenthal Serving Platter Magic Garden Black Seed

Rosenthal Serving Platter Magic Garden Black Seed

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The apothecary gardens (Latin: hortus medicus) were the inspiration for the joyful Magic Garden collection that the Designer Sacha Walckhoff, also Creative Director of the French couture label Christian Lacroix, designed for Rosenthal. Three independent décors - Black Seeds, Foliage and Blossom - symbolize the three development stages of a garden: from seeds and seedlings to shoots and finally full bloom. 

It all starts with the seedling symbolized by the Black Seeds décor, an elegant black and white graphic pattern imagined from the shape of the Roucou seed. Then come the first spring shoots evoked by the Foliage design inspired by the volutes of the young leaves of Volubilis. Finally, the summer bloom is represented by Blossom, a happy and multicolored décor that mixes Cornflower, Camomile, Eglantine, Dandelion, Mulberry flower and Marguerite Dorée. 

Dishwasher and Microwave safe