Vista Alegre Bicos Bicolor Goblet Set/2 Matt/Gloss
Vista Alegre Bicos Water Goblet
Vista Alegre Bicos Water Goblet

Vista Alegre Bicos Goblet Black Matt/Gloss

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The first known reference to these glasses known as "biquinhos" (spikes) is from a catalogue of the Nova Fábrica de Vidros Marinha Grande (New Marinha Grande Glass Factory) - Ivima, 1901. This type of glass, set in the universe of diamond-tip manufacturing, was produced in the nineteenth century, through manual cutting techniques.

The popular Bicos glass has a new and original interpretation. Touches of colour have been added to the existing range, which alternate between stem and body, allowing for fun combinations, without this classic glass losing its sophisticated characteristics.

Capacity 9.5 oz

Made in Portugal