10 Unique Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

No one enjoys looking at a blank wall all day, which is why having a few good wall art ideas is a crucial part of the decorating process. Once you start gaining inspiration, the rest is easy. For some, a simple framed print is not interesting enough for their walls – sound like you? Then you are in the right place! We have so many great unique wall art ideas that are sure to make your guests stop in their tracks when they enter your home, and you will never get sick of looking at them. Keep reading to find your next show-stopping piece of wall art.

#1 Make Your Walls Your Art

Painting directly on your walls is a striking way to add some interesting focal points to your room. A large abstract figure painted on a wall in a sleek, minimalist room is both artistic and sophisticated. It is also a very unexpected addition to any room and sure to create many conversations! Don’t be afraid to use a painting that extends from the walls all the way up to the ceiling. It will make the room look natural and organic yet still polished.

#2 Wall To Wall Coverage

A wall-to-wall mural can create a real sense of intimacy in your room. Think about how relaxing and connecting it is to observe a painting alone in a museum – it consumes you. The scale alone will leave your guests and you awestruck. Don’t worry about the piece feeling too out-of-touch. The smaller and more traditional pieces in your room will help to make it all feel more approachable.

#3 Go Three Dimensional

A three-dimensional wall art piece can bring your room to life. Great places to add a 3D piece include your fireplace mantle, a large white wall above a sideboard, and any other space in a room that naturally draws the eye. You also want to ensure that your 3D wall sculpture is protected from little hands and high traffic areas, which is why hanging it on a wall above a piece of furniture is always a wide choice.

#4 Let There Be Light

When you have unique wall art, there is no reason that you should not put a spotlight on it! Installing an elegant sconce above your art completely elevates the entire look of the room. Use lighting to call attention to a pretty painting. Lighting your wall art helps to accentuate color schemes, tones, pops of color, and all of the texture!

#5 Get Textural

Walls aren’t just for prints and canvases, a fantastic piece of unique wall art is a rug! They aren’t just for the floor. Painting an accent wall in a deep, rich hue will present the perfect backdrop to your hanging rug. Choose a rug that is bright and possibly a complementary color. This will help to elevate and brighten up the space. Hanging a rug on your wall is a great way to add soft texture to your room and give a new meaning to traditional pieces.

#6 Choose Wild Sconces

Wall art does not always have to match the rest of the furniture in your room. Choosing wild and unexpected pieces like a few fun and unique sconces is an exciting yet thoughtful way to add a little bewildering touch to your spaces. Mixing colors, patterns, and textures always add a healthy amount of interest to any room. Decorative sconces with floral elements and other surprising elements bring life to your spaces.

#7 Skip Hanging Your Wall Art

While we love hanging attractive and stylish wall art to our rooms, the part including hammers, screws, nails, and power tools is usually less enjoyable. Leaning your pieces on a mantle or other piece of furniture is unexpected and interesting. A great way to execute this trend is to place minimalist figure prints in gilt frames. Simply leaning a print against your wall helps to strike a balance between casual and formal.

#8 Hang Plates

This is way different than your grandma’s old-school way of displaying her decorative plates. Though this is a contemporary take on displaying flatware, hanging decorative plats on your wall will create a historied and live-in vibe. Be sure to match this wall art with vintage pieces, such as carpets, light fixtures, and other nods to the farmhouse style.

#9 Be Bold

This is a unique wall art design that is perfect for your bathroom! For an eye-catching look, choose a large wall art design and center it on the back wall of the room. A great way to execute this is by hanging a moody and intense black and white photograph in a room that has mostly neutral elements. This is going to add so much personality to your space and will attract the eyes of anyone who walks into the room.

#9 New Shapes For Unique Wall Art

Squares and rectangles are commonly used in various pieces of wall art but utilizing a new shape in your spaces is a unique way to add some pizzazz to any room. Rounded edges are a simple yet striking departure from classic angular frames. Rounded wall art helps to accentuate rounded shapes throughout your furniture and other pieces in your room. Overall, this design element will make your space feel much more thoughtful and unique.

#10 Mix Eclectic Frames

Hanging traditional silhouettes in mismatched frames helps to keep them from feeling too outdated and formal. This is a fun way to show off your affection for older design elements. You can also do this with family photos to add a personal touch to your spaces. Play with colors, textures, size, and frame shapes.

Final Thoughts

Unique wall art is a fun and exciting way to add unexpected touches to your spaces. You can add a healthy dose of personality and interest to any room simply by incorporating a few pieces of wall art that make a statement. Watch your rooms come to life as you add more pieces of unique wall art.