4 Fun Ways To Brighten Your Home During the Winter Months

When temperatures get frosty and nightfall seems to arrive by 3:00 pm, it can be all too easy to become stuck in a winter rut. One of the best ways to combat the winter blues, though, is by brightening up your home with fun and stylish interior design accents! At Speranza Design Gallery, we offer exceptionally unique modern home decor online and at our gallery in Plano, Texas. Continue reading to learn our top winter design tips, then shop online or visit us in person!

Illuminate the Space

Introduce an extra layer of warmth to your home by adding some stylish and creative lighting. A statement floor lamp or an overhead light fixture can bring your room to life, while string lights and candles create a cozy atmosphere. Speranza Design Gallery has a wide selection of lighting options to choose from, including whimsical lamps and funky desk lights you won’t find anywhere else.

Add a Splash of Color

Integrating colorful design elements into your home is a fantastic way to liven up the space. Plus, it’s so easy to do! From space-defining floor mats that cover a whole spectrum of colors, to decorative objects that are equal parts colorful and unique, Speranza Design Gallery has the modern home decor to fit your style.

Bring Nature Inside

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with some indoor plants! Not only do they look great, but they’re also a great way to infuse your home with the lovely greenery that characterizes spring and summer. Not sure how to style them, though? Check out our distinct and stunning vases that are sure to complement whatever vibe you have in your home.

Fill in Empty Areas

Where you might see empty walls and vacant ceilings, we see opportunities to upgrade your interior design! At Speranza Design Gallery, we have countless home decor pieces that can inject the bland areas of your home with fresh inspiration and warmth. Whether you’re looking for eccentric clocks or a mesmerizing mobile that catches your eye, you're sure to find the design elements you need online or at our store in Plano.


Modern problems require modern solutions. And for the problem of wintertime malaise, what better solution is there than spicing up your home with modern home decor? Explore the entire collection at Speranza Design Gallery and find the pieces that speak to you!

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