Our Spooky Gift Best Sellers

Looking for some fun spooky gift ideas that match your unique style? Look no further than Speranza Design Gallery. We make beautiful, unique products for reasonable prices. Here are a few of our spooky best sellers, and shop our whole collection today!

Pop-Up Card Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Valentine's Day, surprise the Jack to your Sally or the Sally to your Jack with a heartfelt design inspired by one of Disney’s most iconic classics - Nightmare Before Christmas. With its spooky-sweet visuals and stunningly imaginative storyline, this movie is a surefire way to make hearts melt! Moonlight, madness & love – any fan of this classic will die over it! Shop now.

Caomaru Anti-Stress Face Ball

For a unique and captivating way to reduce stress, look no further than Cao Maru Stress Balls. Developed by Japanese design student Makiko Yoshida, these odd little faces are crafted with an incredibly flexible polyurethane resin material. Squeeze them, squish them, or mash them—these soft-heads can be manipulated for some tension relief throughout your day--or simply for the fun of watching their individual expressions change! Shop now.

Alessi Niche Centerpiece

This unique collectible piece by Zaha Hadid was given her official authorization and is an exquisite dark domestic sculpture. Its formally complex composition features stunning sinuous dovetail accents which are soft and inviting to the touch. This centerpiece consists of five individual pieces - perfect for holding candies, chocolates, or office supplies like stationery and pens on your desk! As soon as you lay eyes on Alessi Niche you'll want to experience its velvety texture in person. Shop now.

Chilewich Dahlia Collection

The Dahlia design takes Chilewich's pioneering molded technique to a whole new level. Outshining regular placemats, this open lace cutwork acts like a charger that will elevate the look of plates in any setting. Its beautiful and slightly eerie lacework is perfect for anyone looking for a unique placemat. Shop now.

Shop Speranza Design Gallery for unique and artistic gift ideas that will make your loved ones smile. We have thousands of spooky home decor items in our collection for you to choose from! Shop our collections today!

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