Surprising Ways to Decorate Your Home with Black Wall Art

Black is a color that is often ignored in interior design, often because people are afraid that it will make their rooms look smaller, but black wall art is a dramatic yet elegant way to create more style within your home. There are many different ways to incorporate black wall art pieces into your home. From mirrors to 3D pieces, you are sure to find the perfect one to bring more life into your home.

#1 Say It With Words

Many homes can benefit from a piece of wall art that also acts as a sign. Hanging one in black calls even more attention to the words on your wall. For entryways, words like welcome, relax, and home is a great way to introduce your guest to your home. Kitchens are a great space to use words like gather, mangia, and family. No matter which words you choose, when they are outlined in black, they are sure to call the attention of your guests.

#2 Black Wall Art Set

Wall art comes in many different forms. 3D pieces hung on your walls are not only unexpected, but they are also fun! There are so many different options to choose from. Popular 3D black wall art sets include flowers, funny and unexpected pieces, animals, and so much more. Don’t be afraid to experiment with something bold and exciting.

#3 Trees

Not every tree in your home has to be green, or even on your floor. A beautiful, black tree sculpture hung from your wall is a surprising and elegant way to incorporate some outdoor-inspired pieces in your indoor spaces. You are sure to find a piece that properly complements your space. Some are simple and framed, while others run wild and have bedazzlements such as crystals and jewels.

#4 Ceramic Wall Planters

If there is one thing that pops against a piece of black wall art, it is a bright and colorful flower or some fresh and vibrant greens. Black ceramic hanging planters not only pop against your walls but they also make it easy to keep a few lively house plants. Many of these planters have tasteful accents, such as gold wiring, to help you best accentuate your existing furniture.

#5 Black Plates

Plates look great on a table, in cabinets, and they look even better when proudly displayed on a wall. Not only are they an easy interior design trend to try, but they also bring a fun and laid-back vibe to any room without sacrificing style and sophistication. For a bold and dramatic look, try an arrangement of matte black plates to provide a stark contrast to a white wall. If you would rather try a more subtle look, glossy plates with black and grey patterns are perfect for more laid-back spaces.

#6 Black Sconces

Sconces are an easy and effective way to add symmetry and elegance to a room. If you are trying to use these in your bedroom, try hanging one on each side of your bed. In communal spaces, like your living room, a sconce on either side of a fireplace, sideboard, or mantle looks fabulous and pairs well with many different interior design styles. You can also play around with the style of your sconces. For example, some are simple and modern, while others are more elaborate and may mimic elements of nature such as branches, vines, and flowers.

#7 Wall Art Sets

Wall art sets make it easy to add some elegance and style to your spaces, and when they are black, they pop and add an air of sophistication. Some wall art sets can feel a bit too overwhelming, and a great way to combat this is by choosing ones that are constructed with wire, metal, or iron rather than panels of wood. The open spaces within the set will help to keep your spaces feeling airy, open, and full of light. Black wall art sets with floral motifs and tree-like elements are fantastic for both bedrooms and living rooms.

#8 Black Leaf Sculptures

A few black leaves scattered strategically across your wall can beautifully complement many different décor styles. While they pop the most against a white wall, pairing them with a deeply painted wall in a rich color like dark blue or jade green adds depth and richness to your spaces. You can even experiment with leaves that have gold accents, interesting shapes, and different finishes.

#9 Modern Black Wall Art

Black can often feel like a traditional color, especially when it is used in décor. However, modern wall art that makes great use of the color black can really lift the feel of any room and bring a sophisticated and modern look to your spaces. Wall centerpieces are a fantastic way to give this trend a try. Art deco pieces with white and gold accents look excellent handing over a console or sideboard.

#10 Black Medallions

Medallions are an unexpected and easy way to incorporate black into your spaces. Often seen throughout outdoor spaces, medallions have an other-worldly look that makes great additions to spaces that are decorated with internationally inspired furniture pieces and maximalist interior design styles. Playing with shapes and designs is a fun and exciting way to experiment with these pieces. Squares are great for adding a commanding and elegant touch to your room, while rounder shapes can help to tone down the dramatic feel of this kind of wall art.

The Bottom Line on Black Wall Art 

Incorporating black wall art into your spaces is a bold decision, and it is sure to catch the attention of your guests. Choosing such a commanding piece of wall art shows that you have a fantastic sense of personal style and aren’t afraid to take any risks when it comes to decorating your home. Whichever pieces you choose to use in your home, one thing is for sure. And that is that adding drama and sophistication to your rooms is easy with black wall art.