The Art of Wall Art: Contemporary Styles For Your Home

Every space is made complete with the right wall art. Contemporary styles are great for homes of all styles. If you have your space completed and decked out with furniture, lamps, and other touches, but it still feels a bit boring or vanilla, then it is time to add some wall art! Contemporary wall art gives you so many options and provides the perfect opportunity to show your personality throughout your spaces. Keep reading to find your perfect wall art fit!

#1 Wall Panels

Wall panels are an excellent addition to any room and can make a very cool gift for a new homeowner or a friend that needs to spice up their spaces. The great thing about wall panels is that they already come in a complete set – no need to find other pieces to match or complement them. A few good content ideas for wall panels include flowers, landscapes, cityscapes, abstract pieces, and so much more. The potential is endless!

#2 Textured Pieces

Not all wall art has to be a framed piece of work. Incorporating unexpected pieces into your spaces can create a much more exciting look. Using textured elements like branches, tapestry, botanicals, flowers, and other 3D elements in your rooms can help to elevate the space and create a conversation piece that brings so much life to any room.

#3 Have Fun With Some Tiles

They’re not just for your floor! Your walls can be anything you want them to be. Using bold and artistic tiles to accentuate space throughout your home. Colorful tiles help to make a statement within your spaces. A few good locations to use tiles as your wall art include stairwells, out coves, hallways, and even your bathroom. Think of this style trend as an elevated form of the backsplash.

#4 Don’t Forget The Nooks and Crannies

There are plenty of spaces within your space that you probably haven’t even thought about decorating with wall art. Contemporary pieces are used in archways, built-ins, and other often-forgotten spaces. Never underestimate the power of a bold, colorful, and intricate mural over an archway. Not only will this contemporary take on wall art bring you joy every time you look at it, but your guests will be delighted!

#5 More Metallics

Want to make your vanilla walls shine? Covering a bedroom or living room wall in a metallic wallcovering is unexpected, modern, and very sophisticated. Pairing a metallic wall with a few eye-catching pendants or lamps creates a super luxurious look in any room. Metallics are also somewhat of a neutral and match with many different kinds of interior design styles. When it comes to wall art, contemporary touches like metallics are spot-on.

#6 The Power of Three

Grouping artwork is a fantastic way to create a cohesive look to your interior design as it helps to call attention to a visual focal point. Add personality to your dining room, living room, and other communal spaces by grouping similar pieces. They can be similar in subject, color, or even created by the same artist – which makes it incredibly easy to choose pieces that work well together.

#7 Black and White Photography

Nothing says sophistication, modern, or classic like a few black and white prints tastefully hung throughout your house. A black and white print can make a very excellent gift, especially if the subject matter is something that your recipient is interested in. Black and white photography is incredibly versatile. You can choose from many different subjects, as well as moods – black and white photography is very good at displaying emotion. Placing large pieces on a back wall is an easy way to call attention to your space.

#8 Embrace Symmetry

Are you ready to experiment with the principle of symmetry? This trend is an easy and effective one to execute in your home. There are many different ways to try out this wall art style. You can hang a couple of twin prints on either side of a table, mantle, or sideboard. Another option is to hang a large-scale piece of artwork directly above a table or console and then place a pair of matching table lamps on either side of the painting. Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into this one!

#9 Gold Frames For The Win

If you have a few pieces of art and you aren’t sure how to incorporate them into your space, why not try to place them in some frames? Typical black and wooden frames are fine, but gold, gilded frames elevate the look and add a touch of elegance and style to your walls. Big, ornate gold frames are especially beautiful when paired with more feminine and softer elements.

#10 Try A Picture Ledge

Have you ever heard of a picture ledge? No? The idea is very simple. Picture ledges are an easy and inexpensive way to display your art collection – no annoying hanging process required. You can opt for a single ledge or even a group of ledges. No matter what you choose, this is the perfect solution to filling a blank space. To add a super fun touch, paint the ledges a fun and bold color.

#11 Sculptural Mirrors

A sculptural mirror is a fantastic way to add an elegant touch to a laid-back space. Hanging an antique mirror over a fireplace helps to catch light within the room. Reflecting light throughout a space helps to illuminate a relaxed modern décor style and can even make your spaces look bigger!

Final Thoughts

There are no limits when it comes to expressing yourself and your personal style through wall art. Contemporary pieces help to liven up your space without overwhelming other pieces of furniture, lighting, and textures within your home. Contemporary wall art includes many different forms of wall décor, such as frames, prints, lighting, better uses of color, and surprising elements that create interest and exciting focal points within a space. Which contemporary wall art trend are you most excited to try?