Vintage Tattoo-Inspired Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a great gift for anyone interested in divination or getting a peak into their future. At Speranza Design Gallery, we curate a selection of quality artistic gifts and products for you to browse, including tarot cards. These mystical cards embody our mission of expressing your individuality, and can help you learn more about yourself or the world around you! Our vintage tattoo-inspired tarot cards, Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition, are a great selection for lovers of American traditional style tattoos, tarot readers, and unique gift collectors alike! 

Tarot cards

American Traditional Vintage Tattoo Designs 

The Ink & Intuition deck of tarot cards is beautifully illustrated with vintage tattoo designs. Each of the 78 cards features a unique image, portraying the deeper meaning of the card through images inspired by the American traditional style of tattooing. What other tarot cards portray the ten of swords as a knight with a sleeve of tattoos?! 

Tarot cards

Tarot Cards 

Tarot cards are an ancient form of divination. The Ink & Intuition deck is a great place to start learning this practice. Through clear images depicting the meaning and a 28-page booklet to help you interpret the cards, this deck will help you understand how to read tarot like an expert. The classic card themes don’t lose their meaning with this revitalizing artwork!

Tarot cards

Deck Creation

Created by a professional tarot consultant, these cards will guide you through the world of tarot in a new way, whether you are a tarot expert or a novice to the craft. We curate unique gifts from the best designers and artists, and deck designer MEGAMUNDEN surely checks this box with her one-of-a-kind artwork. 

Tarot cards

Unique Gifts 

Our vintage tattoo tarot cards make a perfect gift for a friend who could use some deeper insight from the universe, or anyone who appreciates the beautiful illustrations. Speranza Design Gallery is full of unique gifts like this one! The tarot cards can even make the perfect gift to yourself, as you find new ways to express your individuality and creativity. 

Step out of the traditional retail environment and find unique gifts like our vintage tattoo-inspired tarot cards. Shop this deck today