The Wall Art and Wall Décor Trends Taking Over in 2021

 The wall art that we choose to accompany the furniture and other pieces in our homes is essential. Some may think of wall art as an accessory to the rest of the room, but it plays a much larger role in your interior design. Wall décor has the power to completely change the mood and style of a living space. This means that it requires just as much attention and thought as the other design elements within your home.

Choosing the right wall art is a fantastic way to show off your style and personality. It helps to create a unique and inspiring space. Interior design has seen a complete overhaul in 2021, primarily due to the fact that many of us spent a great deal of time inside our homes during 2020. Here are a few wall décor trends that you can incorporate into your home that are sure to add more style, personality, and life!

#1 Line Art

Line art wall décor provides a minimalist yet interesting visual to add to your spaces. Line art can match with any décor, offering a range of classic and contemporary pieces. When you think of line art, visions of Picasso and Matisse quickly come to mind! The power of a simple illustration with a ton of negative space adds a true sense of drama to a room without ever being overpowering or overwhelming.

There is plenty of room to experiment with these pieces, as you can choose from either prints of famous artwork or contemporary drawings. Whichever style you select, these simple line art pieces are sure to make a statement in any room.

#2 Attention-Grabbing Abstracts

While these pieces tend to make a loud and bold statement, they still utilize negative space – much like line art! There are so many different ways that you can include abstract wall art in your home. There are dramatic pieces that mimic street art with thick lines and saturated colors. However, some pieces incorporate softer colors and shapes, bringing a wonderful sense of calm to any room.

When choosing an abstract piece of wall art to match your décor, it is best to consider how the shapes and colors will affect or alter the mood of the space. In addition, these works do not typically contain any other subject matter, such as people, animals, plants, etc. Therefore, it is especially important to choose the colors and shapes that either match well with your desired style or offer a bold juxtaposition to your room.

#3 Bold Portraits

Statement portraits are making a robust comeback in 2021, and just to let you know – these are not your grandma’s portraits. Instead, these pieces are aesthetically styled and showcase faces that convey big and strong emotions and human connection. Features and colors are usually exaggerated, and most of these pieces include one or more surprising elements.

These surprising elements are what create an incredible amount of interest within the piece. Unlike abstract and line art wall décor, portraits usually contain much less negative space as they have a subject to focus on. So, to make a statement, many of these pieces will utilize colorful lines and blotches, and surprising patterns to grab your attention.

#4 Elevated Photography

Portraits and other traditional forms of photography are a classic addition to any home. However, there is an emerging trend that is quickly replacing your typical wall-hanging photographs. Many photo trends focus on the use of black and white imagery to communicate and express emotions, but this changes in 2021.

Now, photographs include surreal and philosophical subjects to fuel conversation, thought, and interest. Artists use other mediums and editing techniques to create a photograph that is unlike anything else. Additionally, the subjects of these photos are much broader than just people or nature. For example, animals in unexpected places or doing expected things are finding their way to the walls of many homes. Not only are they funny and sure to spark conversation, but they explore color and imagination.

#5 Botanical and Plants

While this trend incorporates classic floral and botanical motifs on canvas and print, it also embraces 3-D elements, such as succulent décor and biophilic art. These pieces are quite literally alive and thus easily add life to any room. The great thing about 3-D artworks is that they are unexpected and create an elevated style in any room.

Botanical and floral prints and canvases still play a significant role in this trend but are evolving in their own way. Of course, peaceful and calming motifs are still heavily in demand. Many wall art pieces with art nouveau elements, as well as bright and surprising colors, are quickly making their mark on this trend. One fantastic element of this trend is that there is genuinely a piece that will suit any personality and décor.

#6 Edgy Prints

We are all embracing the crazier side to life with our décor, and this trend is ever-present in wall décor. People are putting their beliefs, convictions, and other strong thoughts and emotions on firm display. Through these pieces, you will see bold prints and subject matter accompanies by empowering and even sometimes profane text.

These works are unapologetic about expressing bold and honest opinions. While many are humorous, eccentric, and even a little bizarre, the prints always speak from the heart – which is what makes them so fun and exhilarating! Whatever the subject matter and context, these pieces are sure to add a wow factor to any space.

Final Thoughts

Wall art plays an important role in the design and style of our homes. While trends are always evolving, many of them become classics because they offer such a wide variety of options. A single wall décor trend can have endless deviations that provide a perfect complement to many different design styles. Choosing wall art that not only complements your interior design but also speaks to you is a sure-fire way to choose a design item that becomes much more than a hanging décor piece.