Alessi Circus Ringleader Bell
Alessi Circus Ringleader Bell

Alessi Circus Ringleader Bell

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This circus is a sensory experience that never leaves you. It's magical. It's mystical. It's larger than life.

Marcel Wanders presents this piece with a poetic, somewhat poignant story: a ringmaster turned slightly crazy, who thinks he is still in command of the circus, and instead spends his days being transported around by his trained monkey. Before him his little monkey, endlessly toiling, fuelled by his longing for the unreachable banana suspended in front of his eyes.

  • Approximate size: 8.51′′ x 5.12′′ h 6.38′′
  • Weight : 1.76 lb
  • Characteristics : Limited edition of 999 numbered parts - 9 artist's proofs.
  • The wheels can move
  • Made in Omegna, Italy
  • Material : 18/10 painted polished stainless steel