Alessi Coffee Grinder
Alessi Coffee Grinder
Alessi Coffee Grinder

Alessi Coffee Grinder

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Design Keiji Takeuchi, 2023.

Coffee grinder in 18/10 stainless steel with knob in polypropylene,
grinder in ceramic.

The design of this coffee grinder reflects the particular nature of Keiji Takeuchi's
minimalist approach, his ability to redesign traditional domestic objects by capturing
their deep formal essence. Passionate about filtered coffee - he starts each day by
dedicating himself to the small ritual involved in its preparation - Takeuchi knows the
value of a beverage prepared from freshly ground beans. The aroma, fragrance and
flavour of ground coffee quickly lose their intensity, changing after just a few hours.
By using a fresh powder, it is possible to prepare a beverage that is rich in aroma and

[Easy to adjust] Depending on the type of coffee used and personal taste, you can
adjust the type of milling by way of a thumbwheel located under the upper body of
the grinder. Simply lift the upper body from the lower container and, while holding

the crank, turn the adjustment wheel clockwise for a finer grinding and counter-
clockwise for a coarser one.

[Easy to fill] Remove the crank and lift the lid that closes the upper body of the
coffee grinder. The capacity is about 20 g of coffee beans, enough to prepare one
mug of coffee.
[Convenient and practical] Hold the grinder with one hand and turn the crank
clockwise with the other: the ground powder collects in the lower container and is
ready to use in a few steps. The high quality ceramic grinder does not conduct heat,
thus preventing the temperature from affecting the oils in the coffee in which the
aroma and fragrance of the beverage resides.
[Easy to clean] To remove any coffee powder residue, clean the grinder body with
a soft cloth. Do not wash under running water or in the dishwasher.
[Convenient storage] The removable crank handle allows you to store the coffee
grinder easily while taking up little space.