Caran d'Ache Creative Art Box
Caran d'Ache Creative Art Box
Caran d'Ache Creative Art Box

Caran d'Ache Creative Art Box

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Because we all have a spark of creativity inside just waiting to be lit, the Creative Box from Caran d’Ache is the ultimate creative gift, combining all the essentials and allowing colour enthusiasts to give free rein to their imagination. Containing 30 wax pastels, 18 colour pencils, 10 fibre-tipped pens, 8 gouache tablets and 5 accessories, this ready-to-use creative box will appeal to all amateur artists or curious creative souls, be they beginners or experienced artists.
The Creative Box also includes access to three online creative classes during which participants can (re)discover the power of Fibralo® Brush, Supracolor® Aquarelle, Neocolor® and Gouache Studio. Given by three artists with different styles and focussing on varying themes, the classes are available in three languages and are open to all, with
drawings springing up on the paper.

Product Contents

1 red cardboard box containing 9 Caran d’Ache essentials + 3 online creative classes

• 4 products from the Classic Line:

- 1 box of 10 Fibralo® Fibre Brush Pens ref. 186.310
- 1 box of 18 Supracolor® Aquarelle Pencils ref. 3888.318
- 1 box of 30 Neocolor® II Aquarelle Crayons f. 7500.330
- 1 box of 8 studio Gouache tablets ref. 1000.308

• 5 accessories:

1 multi-technique A4 drawing pad, 1 large brush with water chamber, 1 plastic spray can, 1 sgraffito (multi-angle scraper), 1 water-colour palette ref. 117.103

• 3 online creative classes included to discover:
three artists, three themes, in three langages to explore all the creative possibilities offered by the products (free access via a QR code in the box and a one-time code)